St Winefride's Catholic Primary School

SEND Information

Bradford council have services for special needs and disabilities, these are called ‘The Local Offer’
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In school we are committed to meeting the needs of all our pupils, for more information see below.

  1. Who are the best people to talk to about my child’s difficulties with learning/ Special Educational Needs or Disability SEND?

Class teacher

Responsible for:

  • Targeted classroom teaching (known as Quality First Teaching).
  • The progress of your child and identifying, planning and delivering any additional help your child may need, and letting the SENDCO know as necessary.
  • Writing Individual Education Plans (IEP) where required, and sharing and reviewing these with parents at least once each term and planning for the next term.
  • Ensuring that the school’s SEND Policy is followed in their classroom and for all the pupils they teach with any SEND.

  Phase Leader

Responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all staff working with your child in school are helped to deliver the planned provision for your child, so they can achieve the best possible progress. This may involve the use of additional adults, outside specialist help and specially planned work and resources.

The SENDCO (Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-Ordinator)

Responsible for:

  • Coordinating all the support for children with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) and developing the school’s SEND Policy and provision mapping to make sure all children get a consistent, high quality response to meeting their needs in school.
  • Ensuring that you are:
    • involved in supporting your child’s learning
    • kept informed about the support your child is getting
    • involved in reviewing how they are doing
  • Liaising with all the other people who may be coming into school to help support your child’s learning e.g. Speech and Language Therapy, Educational Psychology etc…
  • Updating the school’s SEND register (a system for ensuring all the SEND needs of pupils in this school are known) and making sure that there are excellent records of your child’s progress and needs.
  • Providing specialist support for teachers and support staff in the school so they can help children with SEND in the school achieve the best progress possible.


Responsible for:

  • The day to day leadership of all aspects of the school, this includes the support for children with SEND.
  • The head will give responsibility to the SENDCO and class teachers, but is still responsible for ensuring that your child’s needs are met.
  • The head must make sure that the Governing Body is kept up to date about any issues in the school relating to SEND.
  1. How will the school let me know if they have any concerns about my child’s learning?

If your child is identified as not making expected progress or has additional needs the class teacher will contact you to discuss this in more detail. If concerns persist, the phase leader or SENDCO will contact parents and may set up a meeting.

  1. How is extra support allocated to children?
  • The school budget, received from Bradford LA, includes money for supporting children with SEND.
  • The Head Teacher decides on the budget for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in consultation with the school governors, on the basis of needs in the school.
  • The Head Teacher and the SENDCO discuss all the information they have about SEND in the school, including:
  • the children getting extra support already
  • the children needing extra support
  • the children who have been identified as not making as much progress as would be expected
  • Deciding what resources/training and support are needed.
  • All resources/training and support are reviewed regularly and changes made as needed.


  1. What are the ‘Ranges of Need’ and what type of support is available for children with SEND?

Bradford Council have identified 7 ‘Ranges of Need’ for pupils with SEND. Within a mainstream school it is expected that provision will be made for pupils within Ranges 1-3 (and 4 dependent on the individual child)   For further information on each area of need, click on the link below:-

These documents also detail the different potential provision available and how this may increase or decrease as need changes.

  1. What support do we have as parents of a child with SEND?
  • The class teacher is regularly available to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns you may have and to share information about what is working well at home and school so similar strategies can be used.
  • The SENDCO is available to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns/worries you may have.
  • All information from outside professionals will be discussed with you and with the person involved directly, or where this is not possible, in a report.
  • IEPs will be reviewed with your involvement each term as appropriate.
  • Homework will be adjusted as needed to meet your child’s individual needs.
  • The Home/School book (KS1) or Journal (KS2) may be used to support communication with you.
  • Barnados (01274 481183) is one organisation available to support parents and the school’s Catholic Care Worker is available on certain days
  1. Who are the other people providing services to children with SEND in this school?

 · Bradford Autism Support Team

  • Bradford School Nursing Team
  • Bradford Cognition and Learning Team
  • Bradford Education Psychology Service
  • Diocese of Leeds Catholic Care
  • PALZ
  • Health Services as appropriate
  • Early Years Intervention Services
  • Bradford Pre-5s Team
  • Bradford Behaviour Support Service
  • Barnardos

Click here to view  Special educational needs and disability. A guide for parents and carers.