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To promote learning and excellence for all, embedded in the values and beliefs of the Catholic Faith.

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Chickens Cause A Stir In Reception

Posted on 31 March 2017

Our Reception children have some new visitors in school as the eggs they have been watching and caring for produced baby chickens. The children are very excited and love watching their progress. Here are two films they made today sharing some of their thoughts and learning.

Miss Kosmirak’s Class video

Miss Simpson’s Class Video

Year 5 Cross Country Champions

Posted on 28 March 2017

What a great afternoon we spent yesterday when our Year 5 girls and boys took part in the Braford and keighley Catholic Schools Cross Country Competition. They performed brilliantly showing a really strong mindset. The girls team won their competition and the boys finished a fantastic second. We are very proud of their efforts !

Click on the button below to see a gallery of pictures.

Year 5 picture Gallery Cross Country


Year 2 Share Chester Zoo Memories

Posted on 25 March 2017

Our Year 2 children went to Chester Zoo this week and learned lots and lots by seeing all the animals there. They had a great time and would all like to share some of their experiences with you. Each class has made a short film which you can see below.

2 Venner’s video memories

2 Kirranne’s video memories

Super Singers Share Stronger Song

Posted on 22 March 2017

Five of our children went to an event held by The Catholic Schools Partnership at St. Josephs’s Catholic Primary school. They learned lots of new songs including the one in the video below. The song they are sharing is called stronger and is all about getting back up and having another go when things go wrong. A great message for us all to follow!

Here is a picture of the five children who represented us. Click on it if you would like to see a full size version.


Stronger Video

Year 6 Visit Mosque

Posted on 17 March 2017

As part of their studies of other faiths some of our children visited a Mosque on Monday. They gained lots of knowledge and extended their understanding of the Islamic faith. The children shared some of their learning for this blog . One of our pupils reported, “There are five different prayers that are said every day and there is a fast for thirty days which ends with Eid .” Another child shared,”We learned that the fast begins at sunrise and ends at sunset and that in a Mosque the altar is called a Mihrab .”

Click on the button below to see a gallery of pictures.

Year 6 Mosque Visit Button