We make sure our curriculum is as stimulating, varied and exciting as possible to engage children and foster a love of learning. All programmes of study are taught under Topic Titles to ensure children make links in their learning and can apply their skills and knowledge.

Each new Topic is launched with a visit to somewhere exciting or an inspiring event in school. This really captures the children’s interest and hooks them in to learning new things and builds on prior learning.

We enhance our curriculum even more by creating opportunities to learn outdoors and in new ways indoors; whether it be in our Video and Animation Studio, Music Room or Enquiry Room, the driving force of all lessons is that learning is fun, challenge is exciting and progress builds self esteem, so everyone reaches their potential as a  unique child of God.

This is a summary of HOW our children learn, click on the links below to see WHAT our children learn. You can see an overview of our Curriculum presented as a collection of Jigsaws or dig a little deeper to see the detail and specifics of what our children learn.



Click on a link below to see our Learning Ladders for reading, maths, science, writing and R.E.

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