BBC 10 Pieces Performance

Year 4 performed their mythical monsters pallindrome pieces for all of Key Stage 2 on Wednesday last week. We were treat to two compositions which were created by each class with the support of Mr Boyes.

4 Ayrton – Cutie

Cutie is a space dwelling super sized monster (bigger than planet Earth) that eats planets. The music tells the story of Cutie approaching a solar system much like our own and looking at the planets one by one until she finds one she likes the look of. Her tummy begins to rumble so chomp, chomp , chomp she eats it. Sadly the planet she has chosen does not agree with her tummy, so she starts to feel very ill and sends the planet back into space. Cutie flies off into space, bumping into a few planets on the way.

4 Sykes – Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim is not tiny, in fact he is bigger than any other living thing that has ever lived on Earth. He has eight legs and eight heads and needs to be constantly fed. Unfortunately every time he walks he causes an earthquake. All the humans are very tired of this and join together to try and get rid of him. When he is confronted at The Great Wall of China he decides he has been had enough and tip toes away.