We expect all children to wear school uniform. The main items are available for you to buy or order using the Internet :http://www.emblazon.biz/webshop/schoolwear/other/st-winefride-s-catholic-primary-school/  Alternatively you can purchase the uniform at Rawcliffes, 42-44 Darley Street, Bradford.

  • NO jewellery is allowed in school, including earrings or studs. Please ensure that your child’s hair style/colour is appropriate for school. Bright colours, shaven patterns or heavily gelled styles are not suitable for school.  No Make-Up is allowed, this includes tinted lip-balm.
  • Grey skirt or trousers. No jeans.
  • Black shoes (not trainers).
  • All Children should have a school book bag which can be purchased for £4.75 from the School Office.  Children are issued with a pump bag (in their house colour) at the start of their school life free of charge (replacements can be purchased for £2.50 from the School Office.   Please note that these are the only bags permitted.

The children should have a t-shirt in their house colour no logos, black pumps or trainers and plain black shorts for PE lessons.

Royal blue cardigan Royal blue sweatshirt Pale blue polo shirt Gold sweatshirt and polo shirt for nursery children

Please label all clothing clearly. Thank you.