St Winefride's Catholic Primary School

Our Staff


St. Winefrides’s Catholic Primary Academy  Staff

 Mr B Lavin  Executive Headteacher  
Mrs. L Walsh  Head Of School Designated Safeguarding Lead/Designated Teacher - LAC
Mrs. L Wilson Assistant Headteacher Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs. J Deacon  Business Manager  

Foundation Stage

Miss. F Gray Nursery Teacher
Mrs. K Bartle   Nursery Nurse
Miss. E Vosper Class R Vosper Teacher
Miss. N Kosmirak Class N Kosmirak EY Phase Leader & EY Safeguarding Lead
Mrs. C Dunne   Teaching Assistant
Miss. J Crossley   Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J Holland   Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S Campbell   Teaching Assistant
Miss. P Pickard   Teaching Assistant

Key Stage One

Mrs. K Owen Class 1 Owen KS1 Phase Leader
Miss. M Deegan Class 1 Deegan Teacher
Miss. N Kirrane Class 2 Kirrane Teacher
Miss. J Vandoorn Class 2 Vandoorn Teacher
Mrs. A Henry   HLTA
Mrs. F Tschuchno   Teaching Assistant
Mrs. T Moore   Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J Littlewood   Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J Frayne   Teaching Assistant

Lower Key Stage Two

Mrs. E Barnett Class 3 Barnett LKS 2 Phase Leader
Miss. M Hinchliffe Class 3 Hinchliffe Teacher
Mrs. F Ayrton Class 4 Ayrton Teacher
Miss. H Ahmed Class 4 Ahmed Teacher
Mrs. J Mason   HLTA
Miss. J Arundale   Teaching Assistant -Currently on Maternity Leave
Mrs. H Brumfitt   Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S McDermott   Teaching Assistant
Mrs. W McCann   Teaching Assistant
Miss. J Creegan   Teaching Assistant

Upper Key Stage Two

Mrs. D Rajendran Class 5 Raj Teacher
Mr. N Sykes Class 5 Ashworth Teacher
Miss. L Murphy Class 6 Murphy UKS2 Phase Leader
Mr. M O'Brien Class 6 O'Brien Teacher
Mrs. H Donlon   Teacher
Mrs. C Brennan   Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J Nunn   Teaching Assistant
Mrs. E Dunne   Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S McCurry   Teaching Assistant
Mrs. D Folger   Teaching Assistant
Miss. S Del Core   Teaching Assistant


Learning Support

Mrs. J Grogan   SENDCO/KS1 Intervention
Mrs. C Sykes   KS2 Intervention
Mrs. P Sellers   Faith Tutor
Mr. A Emmett   E-Learning Tutor
Mr. M Bevin   I.T Support
Mrs. I Roman   Whole school display/Admin
Mrs. H Long   HLTA Pastoral Care/Parental Liaison

Office Staff

Mrs. J Deacon   Business Manager
Mrs. A Haddock   Administrator
Mrs. A Yates   Receptionist/Clerical Assistant
Mrs. B Brook   Reprographics Assistant
Mr. M Filson   Apprentice Clerical Assistant

Cleaning Staff

Mr. M Farley   Site Manager
Mrs. M Clapham    
Miss. J Inseal    
Mrs. S Bland    
Ms. K Robinson    
Mr. D Rubery    
Miss. G Connell    

Kitchen Staff

Miss. B Blyth   Manager
Miss. J Joy    
Mrs. C Brooke    
Mrs. L McKenna    
Mrs. J  Harrison    
Mrs. R Hornby    

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs. S Hirst   Senior Supervisor
Mrs. J Boyle    
Miss. K Sutcliffe    
Mrs. S Bland    

 Breakfast Club & Out Of School Club (OOSC)

Mrs. S Hirst   Senior Breakfast Club & OOSC Supevisor
Miss. J Joy   OOSC - Playworker
Mrs. J Boyle   Breakfast Club - Play Worker
Mrs. J Holland   OOSC - Playworker