Welcome to “Virtues to Live By”

“I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10

At St Winefride's we use “Virtues to Live By” to enable us to explore each virtue over a three week period (two per half term) to improve the school community’s virtue literacy and to deepen understanding and appreciation of the essential role the virtues play in the education of the whole person towards human flourishing. The virtues chosen are common across cultures and faiths, but are sourced from the Christian tradition. They are linked directly to work in the Diocese of Leeds on the virtues and character education (see companion documents here dioceseofleeds.org.uk/education/re-catholic-life/character-education).

“Virtues to Live By” is a resource created by the Diocese of Leeds with the creative and financial support of the Leeds Diocesan Association of Primary Headteachers.

The chosen virtues are linked to the academic year:

Autumn Spring Summer
Respect / Courtesy Faith Resilience / Perseverance
Thankfulness Simplicity Kindness
Hope Love / Charity Honesty
Patience Forgiveness Service

The virtues are now on a Two Year Cycle with 12 new virtues chosen which are outlined below:

Autumn Spring Summer
Love of Learning Friendship Confidence / Determination
Citizenship Love of Neighbour Trust
Prayer Compassion Courage
Generosity Self-control Reflection Discernment / Wisdom