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Phonics is a big focus in year 1 and in June your child will complete a phonics screening test with their class teacher. Throughout the year the children will prepare for this  by playing games, completing writing and reading activities, group activities, homework and computer games, which they thoroughly enjoy! Phonics is taught daily for 30 minutes.

What is the phonics screening test?

The Phonics Screening Check is used to show how well your child can use the phonics skills they’ve learned up to the end of Year 1, and to identify students who need extra phonics help. The check is a “short, light-touch assessment” that takes about four to nine minutes to complete. The checks consist of 40 words and non-words that your child will be asked to read one-on-one with ourselves. Non-words (or nonsense words) are a collection of letters that will follow phonics rules your child has been taught, but don’t mean anything – your child will need to read these with the correct sounds to show that they understand the phonics rules behind them. We always encourage children to use their amazing ‘robot hands’ to help them read words!


Here is a copy of the Phonics screening test 2019.


Phonics Meeting

Sounds I can learn to read and write at home!



Words I can learn to read and write at home!